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September 21, 2011


There’s a vote amongst my Pittsburgh friends that it should be Burghatory, but we don’t get a say in that.  And we all love this place anyway.  Really love it.


Reason number one:  Quality ingredients!  All natural, hormone free beef. Organic field greens.  Whole wheat bread.   Home made ice cream.  The list could go on and on.


Reason number two: Extra thick shakes; spiked.  I had this crazy concoction….

Gala apple & caramel vodka with caramelized apple pancakes & bacon.

Burgatory says, “If you’re scratching your head right now, you’re not ready for this one but trust us — it’s oh so good!”


Reason number three:  Make your own burger!  I named mine the sass burger and I was oh so proud when they announced “Who has the sass burger?”  I got to raise my hand, “Me!”

My creation looked like this…

  • whole wheat bun
  • medium well burger
  • sour cream
  • guacamole
  • spinach
  • romaine
  • tomatoes
  • fried egg
  • mozzarella cheese

It was a lot, but I can handle it!


Reason number four:  Great atmosphere and even better company.  I’m always in good company in my college stomping ground of Pittsburgh.


If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by!

Why do you love your favorite restaurants?

May 17, 2011

Leaning Tower


…of hamburger patties!  Not what you expected, eh?  Well shame on you if you’re disappointed.  This is one lovely pile of beef.


Until it fell down.


But I just stacked it right back up again.  I may be reverting back to my younger years when my favorite pastime was playing with every building toy known to man at the time…Lego’s, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, K-nex…thinking about it now I can’t believe I wasn’t an architect.  Smile with tongue out

Anyway, if you haven’t concluded it yet, it was a Yeehaw meat delivery night.  I requested our beef portion for the month come in hamburger patties.  We love summer cookouts and our friends and family deserve the best!  For some of them it may be the first time they eat locally raised grass-fed finished meat!  Secretly I hope if I feed it to them they may taste the difference and be a convert.  However, even if they aren’t, I’m still excited for them to give it a try!

Also in this share we got boneless skinless chicken breasts and smoked pork shoulder.  I’m super excited for the chicken breasts because I haven’t had them since February.  Chicken is a seasonal meat.  Something I’ve definitely learned since starting this meat CSA adventure.  I’m enjoying the challenge (slowly becoming second nature) of cooking new cuts of meat that are seasonally appropriate.

What was is your favorite childhood toy?