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October 26, 2011

Subconsciously Healthy

These are the sunny bowls.  Big sunny bowl and little sunny bowl.


Plan was for the soup to go in the big bowl and salad to go in the little bowl.  Apparently my subconscious was thinking otherwise.  I’ve been craving a big salad for a few days now, and next thing I know the big bowl is heaping with salad.


I just laughed.  I can only hope I make more decisions like this one.  Apparently Mia doesn’t have a problem making healthy choices!

Are healthy choices a breeze for you or a habit you are still constantly working on like me?


Have a sunny day and…


June 8, 2011

It’s 99 degrees


We should talk about ice cubes.  Of the strawberry variety.


Just clean your strawberries, lay them out on a cookie sheet, and pop them in the freezer.


It doesn’t get much more refreshing.


Served with a heaping salad, fresh from the garden.  And this lettuce and spinach come with a classic Kim story.  First read this post.  I was trying to figure out WHY my spinach tasted sooo strong.  Well it turns out it wasn’t spinach.  I am so ashamed.  A dietitian that can’t identify a food, even after eating it.  Turns out it was a lettuce mix.  The mix part of it has just started to pop up proving it’s not the spinach.  That’s why it was such a strong flavor.  Oh bother.  Better garden labeling will ensue next year.


Also served with a cheddar and strawberry jam sandwich.



Are you surviving the heat?