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November 18, 2011

Pizza = Vegetable

That’s what congress says as they make the choice to support industry instead of the nations children.  For more details on this decision check out the NYT’s article Congress Blocks New Rules on School Lunches.

What’s your opinion?

September 13, 2011



n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties


I marinated tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers in balsamic overnight.  I intended to eat it for lunch.  Well that never happened.

def 2

So I came home from work and decided to remove the cumbers and sauté it for a dinner stir fry.  I got it cooking and it was looking good, but then I didn’t feel like making a grain to go with it.

def 3

So I pureed it.  Totally logical, right?  I had tortillas that needed to be eaten and they required no stovetop cooking.  Pizza was now on the menu.


A little toasting of tortillas on the pizza stone happened.  A little salt was added to the veggie puree.  A little cheese was sprinkled.  Viola!  A spectacular dinner, by accident.

And the garden fresh sauce truly was spectacular, despite looking a little bit gross. Winking smile

Have you ever made a serendipitous meal?