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November 14, 2011

To Be A Kid Again

It was a simple night at our house.

We took advantage of the unusually warm (70 degree) November weather and grilled pork chops that were marinated in Goya Mojo Criollo.  Served with a side of salad dressed in honey, garlic salt and olive oil and cinnamon sweet potatoes.  Fast to make and easy to eat.


After dinner I should have been painting the door we removed from our bathroom last week, or folding the laundry washed yesterday, or wiping the heavily trafficked kitchen floor.  Instead, on a whim I reverted back to my elementary days and I took Steve with me.


We made pumpkins!  I made a bunch of these for my mom when I was a kid.  They were just so cute, I wanted my own.  She refused to give me any of hers, so I had only one choice.  I had to make my own pumpkin patch.  Thank goodness I never get rid of crafting supplies and I still had sculpey clay.


Gee was it a fun night!  I forgot how relaxing arts and crafts were.  I completely forgot about everything else I could have been doing.  I stuck out my tongue (that’s what I do when I’m focusing).  I went town.  I think I got my creativeness back with every pumpkin I made.  A snowman even joined the crew.

Steve did an impressive job too.  He busted out skill that I never knew he had and made the cutest pumpkin and funkiest gourd.  Plus he was really great at getting the clay workable.  I was thankful for his warm hands.


And all the work I should have done will still be there tomorrow…

What were your favorite crafts as a kid?


August 8, 2011

The next generation of salads

Sweet and salty:  it’s my favorite dessert combination.  Now I get to enjoy it on my salads.


I’ve tried honey, vinegar, and sea salt on salads in the past, thanks to Kath.  I definitely enjoyed it, but didn’t feel like I wanted to eat it every time I had a salad, cause that’s a lot.


That is until I discovered Seasons Artisan Salts.  They add an extra kick of flavor that mixes it up just enough.  I could mix and match these endlessly.  Some of the flavors included lavender, smoked Alderwood, espresso, and chili lime.


I only bought garlic (because my hands were also full of oils and vinegars), but I’ll be back for more!


In addition to salt this beauty contained:

  • Stewartstown white corn
  • My own fresh cherry and black cherry tomatoes
  • My own green peppers
  • Middletown honey
  • Lettuce mix
  • Fuji apple

I did a pretty good job of mostly eating at least within the state!


I can’t wait to try out my other special salad toppers soon.  Peach white balsamic vinegar and meyer lemon olive oil are in the mail as you read this.


If you ever get a chance to stop into the Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom…do it.  Tapping oil and vinegar?  Sounds odd, I know.  But don’t turn your nose up.  Those that do miss out on perfection on their tongue.  If you love oil and vinegar, you will love them infused with some of my favorites:  vinegar with blueberry, strawberry, dark chocolate and grapefruit; olive oil with garlic, chipotle, and basil.   They aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny.

Bye bye salad dressing; hello Seasons.

What’s your favorite way to dress a salad?