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December 18, 2011

Sunday Oats


They’re fancy.  I have time.  I devote it to food.  Obviously.


And tea.  Because there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold Sunday morning.


Want to know what’s inside my bowl?

  • Rolled oats made with water and milk
  • Pinches of cinnamon
  • Flax seed ground in a used coffee grinder; that makes them coffee flax (yummm)
  • Thinly slice banana
  • Smucker’s Natural drippy peanut butter


The coffee flax really made the bowl.  A little hint of coffee flavor from what was left in the grinder, plus a dose of fiber and omega-3’s from the flax.  Just one tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains 2 grams fiber!  Plus it’s a good source of omega-3’s which helps to reduce total and LDL cholesterol.  Thumbs up

If you are thinking about adding flaxseed to your diet, make sure you grind it.  A coffee grinder works great, or you can purchase the seeds already ground.  Grinding allows your body to access all the good omega-3 oils that it otherwise couldn’t reach in a whole seed.

Happy eating!


30 Minutes Activity:  Walking, my favorite pastime.

December 5, 2011

Don’t Eat Them All!

An easy way to make chocolate covered pretzels.


Butter snap pretzel squares.  Mini Hershey Kisses.  Two will work.


Three are better.


Heat until soft.  Top with one, or two, or even three M&M’s.


It’s a flower or a Mickey depending on how you do it.

But anyway you do it, it’s delicious.

Good luck making them and not eating them all before they’re even hardened.

Maybe you’re not as big of a sucker for salty sweet as I am?!

Mine had to be relocated to the garage to stop the temptation.



30+ Minutes Movement:  45 minutes yoga!  Boy I’m feeling limber these days!

Activity Factoid:  There is moderate evidence that physical activity helps with weight maintenance after loss, lowers risk of hip fracture, increases bone density, improves sleep quality, and lowers the risk of lung and endometrial cancer.