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November 21, 2011

And They Call Me…



This weeks dinners are going to be as simple as it gets.  Turkey and other side dish components in the fridge don’t leave much space for nightly dinner ingredients.  Pantry dinners it is!  It’s good to use up a crowded pantry every now and then anyway!


Tonight consisted of some V8 Southwestern Corn Soup that was doctored up.  Some easy doctoring made such a hearty and delicious meal.  I’ve made this soup before, but never like it was tonight.  Hard to believe it could be so simple!


Into one box of soup I added a cup of corn and a cup of mushrooms.  It’s a good way to add bulk to fill you up, without a lot of calories.  Just simmer it all together until the mushrooms soften and the soup is heated.


While that was simmering I made some fab croutons from Golden Grains garlic herb bread.  I just ripped them into bite size pieces, sprayed lightly with olive oil, and baked at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes, turning at the halfway point.  Crunchy and crumbly on the outside and chewy on the inside.


The most important part of this meal was the assembling of layers.  Soup first, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese second and croutons third.  The cheese melted into the soup and onto the croutons.  A big bite of all three melted in your mouth and some had chew.

All in all this dinner well exceeded my expectations.


*Approximate Nutrient Content:

  • 500 Calories
  • 16 grams Protein
  • 17 grams Fat
  • 5 grams Fiber

*calculated using My Fitness Pal

October 18, 2011


Another day of Weight Management learning complete. I literally went running out the door when the day was done. I needed to stand, walk, breathe the fresh air, and eat! Steve was waiting outside for me and we headed down the street.


We strolled Williamsburg’s colonial streets and shops a bit before hunger really set in.


For dinner we decided to take a recommendation from Leslie, another participant in the class. She so nicely made a list of a variety of places that we might consider for our anniversary dinner. She came up with such a variety of suggestions, I knew I asked the right person for dining guidance. Smile

We stuck to the colonial area and headed to Trellis for a lovely 2 year anniversary dinner!


We took the name quite literally and dined under the trellis.


How could we not when it was in the 80’s in October!? Perfect weather to enjoy the great outdoors. I will happily soak it in before heading back to PA later this week.


Before long the infamous fine dining bread selection graced our table, served on a slate. Focaccia with olive oil, pretzel rolls with mustard, and corn bread with sweet butter. They were all moist, dough, and absolutely divine. I could have eaten slatefuls platefuls! No lie! My ooohhhh’ing and aaahhhh’ing commenced at this point. I was completely absorbed in my food similar to this other experience. Funny it works out this way when Steve and I are supposed to be enjoying each other’s company!


For my entrée I go the Berkshire pork, best described right on the menu: Seared Pork Tenderloin with Braised Pork Belly with Mole, Root Vegetables, Roasted Acorn Squash and Root Beer Infused Jus. The tenderloin was a bit dry, but the root beer sauce was a nice addition. The pork belly was melt in your mouth. I could have just eaten this with some more veggies and been perfectly happy.


I also had a glass of pinot gris. Apparently these days one glass is enough to make my cheeks rosy and my head a little light. Cheap date! What can I say?!


Steve had clam chowder with whole clams. I’ve never seen it served this way, but it certainly made it more interactive for him to eat. It was the biggest bowl of soup I have ever seen. However, Steve had no problem finishing the flavorful soup, with a little bit of my help of course.


Overall the food, atmosphere, and staff of Trellis were top notch. We would definitely recommend it to others. In fact, I already recommended it to my family.


And dare I say even Tom God* would agree?


What do you like to do for an anniversary with that special someone?


*In case you were wondering, thanks to my time living in Virginia, I affectionately call Tomas Jefferson, Tom God or sometimes just TJ or Tom. Virginians just love him so much that I began to think of him as a god. And now I can most definitely say, I love him as if I were a Virginian. So much that we are on a first name basis. If you start to learn about what he did for our country and society, you might just love him too! Open-mouthed smile