I’m sorry, what?

White wine sangria heading down the hatch while gazing out on the river.  Look around and take in the navy cloth directors chairs, hanging plants, tin punched lanterns, and white Christmas lights.


The menu says “Farm to fork fresh.  Local ingredients.”  I begin to read the options that are laid out before me.  Suddenly I see a waitress coming towards our table.  Gazpacho with honey and basil oil.  Steve begins talking about his day.  I’m sorry, what?  Did you say something?


Completely absorbed in politely slurping my cold soup and the waitress says, “our breads of the day.”  Raisin whole wheat.  Onion wheat.  Cheddar herb.  All with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper to dip.  Steve begins talk of our weekend ahead.  I’m sorry, what?  Are you talking to me?


Bread munching and menu reading continue.  Tomato + Balsamic + Mozzarella = Must Have.  Picked from the garden just a few hours before.  Let’s share this.  And by share I mean I’m probably going to eat most of it.  Tomatoes arrive and the analyzing begins.  Which will I plant next year?  What’s my favorite?  Do they taste different?  Green, tartest.  Yellow, sweetest.  Red, good old fashioned.  Orange, is this ripe?  Steve asks what we are going to do when we get home from dinner.  I’m sorry, what?  I’m totally zoned out and really enjoying in my food.


Next up, pan-roasted striped bass fillet with succotash, new potatoes and sweet corn chipotle sauce.  Holy deliciousness.  Light yet filling.  I look up and say, “I’m sorry I’m not paying any attention to you, but I am enjoying our first dinner date in a long time.”  Steve laughs.


We never talk during dinner.  We talk while we make it; we talk while we clean up, but we don’t talk while we eat.  I’m just too absorbed in my food and it’s just too good to be interrupted.

Is your dinner enjoyed with good conversation or are you too wrapped up in savoring the flavors?

For those of you in the central PA area, this is Accomac Inn.  Please go and enjoy. Smile

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3 Responses to “I’m sorry, what?”

  1. I zone out with good food. I will ignore people when I need a personal moment with my food. If you go out to eat and you don’t feel that emotional connection with your food, you’re wasting your money.


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