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September 1, 2011

Beef It Up

Who doesn’t want to save a buck?  And why not make a healthy choice while you do it?


Meat can be expensive.  If you are a conscious meat eater, and buy local, sustainable, grass fed beef, it can be even more expensive.  So let’s get you some money back!


Go get yourself one of the cheapest summer veggies:  zucchini or squash.

In my case it’s a squazinni (very technical term) and it was from my garden and practically free.  If you don’t garden, don’t fear.  I’ve seen these fast growing veggies at roadside stands 5 for a dollar and just sitting by people’s mailboxes next to a sign that says free!

Cut it into small cubes of approximately the same size.  Toss it in with some browning meat.


Next, chop up some onion.  It’s also free if you garden!  Don’t let anyone tell you not to start onions from seeds.  They may not be gigantic, but they are tasty and numerous.

Toss them in with your meat too.

Ta Da!  You have twice as much bulk at half the cost.  Zucchini takes on other flavors quite well.  It beefs up your plate and your wallet.


After your beef and veggies are cooked, sprinkle over whole grain tortilla chips.  Top with cheese and hot peppers!

Hot peppers are another fast and easy growing veg.  You can even grow them in a pot.  My jalapenos and banana peppers have exploded, so I piled them on!

Heat in a 350 degree oven until melty.


While your waiting for the melting, chop some tomatoes from the garden.  Break out the leafy greens too!


Lickety split you have a reasonably price dinner that can feed an army.  Who says it doesn’t pay to garden?!


What are some of your money saving tips?

July 19, 2011

Mini Trio


Mini jar-o-walnuts.  This once held craft supplies.  Mini paper flowers to be exact.  They were used to craft these bridal shower invitations.  The jar was just too cute to put in the recycling bin.  So now it’s being recycled to practice portion control of nuts!

Mini apricots.  Seriously I could eat ten at a time.  I was sad when these two were gone!

Mini muffins!  You’ve already heard how wonderful these were, so I’ll spare you.  However I will tell you they were a lovely addition to the mini breakfast.

What helps you control your portion sizes?