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July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Steve!


We are entering the month and a half that Steve is the same ripe old age as me…25.

Woo Wee!  Getting old!  Surprised smile

It feels like it was just yesterday that we were 18 and 19 and just meeting!


Now that we are an old couple, we don’t do gifts.  We make dinner for each other.  Much better in my opinion!  This is the birthday dinner that Steve was in favor of.  Really only the sausage and corn were requests.  The chard was because it needs to be picked and eaten AND because it’s good for you!


The corn was just mediocre.  I actually had much better earlier in the summer, which is odd.  The sausage was of course fabulous…it was stuffed with cheese.  Can you tell Steve likes sausage?  I never even liked it until I discovered that it came with maple syrup and apples and cheese in it.  So to make us both happy we get those.  We also try not to have to very often and pair it will piles of veggies because that makes me even happier.


The chard combo was my favorite part of the meal AND the best way I’ve made chard yet.  I’ve learned that I love chard with sweet elements, particularly fruit.  I’ve been mixing and matching a lot lately, but this one takes the birthday cake.


I sautéed the chard stems with 1 large golden delicious apple until both were tender.  I added chopped walnuts and dates.  When everything was heated through I added the chard leaves and cooked until wilted.  A couple of grinds of sea salt finished the dish.  It had sweet, salt, and bite and kept my tongue guessing.

Here’s to a great 25th year Steve-O!

Do you do birthday gifts or birthday activities for your special someone?

July 11, 2011

Summer Cravings

It’s hot hot hot here in central Pennsylvania.  Like, I’m going to jump in a pool with my clothes on, hot.  Since I don’t have regular access to a pool, I have to settle for craving summer foods.  Nothing says summer more than this spread…


Can you believe this was intended for just two people?!  We have lots of leftovers!


Of course we had to have zucchini and yellow squash.  Gotta use ‘em up!  They were grilled as usual with olive oil and lemon pepper.  The corn got the same treatment.

And then there were the hot dogs.  I have eaten only a handful of hotdogs in my life.  They just aren’t my thing.  But I was craving super salty and a hot dog sounded just right.  Odd, I know.  I just really wanted one.  And alongside all the fruits and veggies, it really was no crime.  Everything in moderation I say!


Despite craving salt, I also felt I needed major hydration.  Watermelon is just so satisfying in the summer heat!


While Steve was outside being the grill master, a couple of little apricots were staring me in the face.  They were screaming, eat me!  I had to oblige!  Apricots are one of my favorite fruits and the season for fresh is just too short.  Chard is also very abundant in the garden right NOW.  Obviously they had to be combined to make this beauty.


Some of the best recipes come from forced pairing of foods.  For this perfect duo:

  • sauté chopped chard stems and onion until tender
  • add apricot chunks and heat through
  • add chard leaves at the end just to wilt
  • drizzle honey, toss, and serve

It’s beautiful and tasty!


Do you have food cravings?