It’s the 17th!

That means we have done at least 30 minutes of activity for 17 days in a row.  Actually we have done it for 20 days in a row, because we started early.  Just 43 more days until we reach our goal!  In reality it should be just a lifetime more until we reach our goal (and maybe it will be).

It’s not getting easier.  However, it is becoming more second nature.  Every day I think about the best time to fit it in.  I often stop and think about not wanting to do it.  Then I push that thought aside and either go and do it or make the plan.  I can now vouch that consistency and routines are helpful in accomplishing goals.

30+ Minutes Movement:  Biggest Losers Bob, weight loss yoga.  It’s tough.  I really don’t like it while I’m doing it, but boy does it feel good later.  It certainly pushes my limits, which means progress.  So it’s all good!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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