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November 16, 2011

Rice and Beans, You Got McDonald’s Beat

If I rated my dinners on complexity and time this would be an SE meal, as in super easy.


5:00 PM  Start rice on the stove top on low

5:02 PM Go about doing housework (all the things I was supposed to do Monday night and prepping for more visitors this weekend!)

5:45 PM Open, rinse and dump a can of kidney beans into the pot

5:47 PM Add salsa, pinches of chipotle seasoning, chili powder, cumin and cinnamon

5:52 PM Snap ends of asparagus and steam in microwave for three minutes

5:55 PM Slice and sauté button mushrooms

5:57 PM Dump mushrooms into pot and stir everything together

5:58 PM Plate rice and beans and top with cheese, salsa and sour cream

5:59 PM Plate asparagus and drizzle with balsamic vinegar

6:00 PM Eat!


Only 15 minutes working time!  I don’t think it can get more convenient and I’m pretty sure it actually takes longer on average to go through the McDonald’s drive through window.

Highlight of the meal was this mango salsa.  Definitely gets better with age!

Only downfall of the meal is the case of the asparagus pees we will surely have later.  Sorry to over share, but really, why does something that tastes so good going in, have to smell so rancid going out?  I guess technically we could ask that question about all of our food.  Don’t answer that question. Winking smile


Do your dinners have McDonald’s beat in time or taste?  Guaranteed they do in quality and healthfulness, cause that’s not hard to do!


September 7, 2011


I hope this brings some sunshine Sun to those of you in the northeast being continuously drown in rain Storm cloud.  We are getting slammed here in central PA, but we are safe and dry.  I am thankful for that.  I’m also thankful that I harvested everything I could from the garden before it got soggy!  I honestly never thought too much rain would be a problem!

But enough about the weather!  Onward…to the best and worst of salsa making.  Open-mouthed smile

ingredients 1

Best:  I am happy to say this mango salsa is ~2/3 home grown.  Actually, I’m more than just happy.  The pride is just welling up inside of me.  I produced this salsa with my own two hands.  There aren’t many things in life more satisfying than working on something start to finish and holding the final product in your hands.

ingredients 2

My Ingredients

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Jalapenos Peppers

Banana Peppers



ingredients 3

Worst: But some things are just never going to be local or home grown!

Store Bought Ingredients




Hopefully garlic will be from the garden by the fall!

ingredients 4

Best: My favorite part of the salsa making process was peeling the tomatoes.

process 1

I thought this would be difficult, but it was cake.  I got such a kick out of seeing the skin split open.  All I did was drop the tomato in boiling water, allow it to sit for about a minute or until the skin began cracking, plunge it into an ice bath, and watch the skin split wide open.

process 2

When the tomato came out of the ice bath it was easy to peel the skin off in large sheets.

process 3

I could have just gobbled these babies up!

process 4

Worst: My least favorite part of the salsa making process was the deseeding!  Yuck!  Luckily the seeds are slimy and slide right out, but what a mess they make!  Juice everywhere.  It looked like a crime scene by the time I was done.

process 6

When I saw the beautiful tomato flesh I was left with, I guess it was worth it.  Winking smile

process 5

Best: I totally enjoyed snacking on the mango while I cut it up.  I couldn’t eat the tomatoes cause they were the heart of the recipe, but mangos were disposable.  No one would ever notice if it was a little light on the mango.

process 8

Worst: I was most definitely not tempted to eat the other ingredients, or even really get my face close to them.  Raw onion and garlic, no thank you.  I prefer not to have bad breath for dayssssssssssss.

process 7

Salsa, even though we’ve had our ups and downs, I still love you.

fnished 1

Seeing you finally hit the jar and be ready to enter the canner I think you’re really worth it.

process 9

And now that you are stacked neatly in my pantry I can look back on your making fondly.  But I don’t really want to eat you, because that would mean I have to make more! Smile with tongue out

finished 3

Do you cook things that are difficult, but worth the work in the end?

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