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October 25, 2011

Taste of Fall

There’s no better words to describe this awesome pumpkin dip.  It’s easy to make and delicious!


Recipe compliments of Karen!


Pumpkin Dip

  • 1 – 8 ounce block cream cheese
  • 1 small can pumpkin pie filling
  • sugar to taste

Although I haven’t tried it, I do believe you could make this dip a little healthier.

What I would try next time

  • 1 – 8 ounce fat free cream cheese
  • 1 small can pumpkin puree
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice to taste (mostly cinnamon)
  • sugar to taste

You still get all the goodness of the spices, but you can control how much sugar you add.  Maybe you’ll end up adding the same amount back, but perhaps you can do without some. If nothing else you are more aware of the sugar you are eating.  So for me it’s certainly worth a shot!

For dipping we had vanilla and spiced wafers.  Both complimented the dip quite well.


Now I’m off to obsess over paint swatches.  We decided to paint one room (a bathroom) and I now need to determine the colors of all rooms on the future painting list.  Thanks Young House Love for making me obsess over a whole house color scheme!  HA!

Which recipe do you think sounds better, the traditional or the healthier?  Let me know if you give either a try!

April 1, 2011

It’s Friday Friday…

Another dinner thrown together with what we have just sitting around in the fridge and freezer.  This cheese steak pizza is better than anything I could have planned.


The house staples that made this delicious pizza:

  • onion
  • green pepper
  • cherry tomatoes
  • shredded mozzarella
  • sliced colby jack
  • Pillsbury dough
  • frozen Yeehaw rib eye
  • squeezable pizza sauce


The steak was browned, but cooked rare so it could finish in the oven.  The onions and peppers were caramelized, because we like them sweet.  And I tossed the cherry tomatoes in last so they could soften just a bit.  All was baked on a stone.


Served with a simple salad of romaine lettuce, carrot sticks, and honey mustard.  I enjoyed the salad just as much as the pizza.  The lettuce was delicious.  Sometimes I think I overdo salads with toppings.  I usually load them with other veggies, protein, and crunchies.  Tonight simple was better, especially with a loaded pizza.


All served with a big glass of Friday cabernet.


Happy weekend everyone!  Enjoy!