Eight Reasons

To use glass instead of plastic!

1.  It doesn’t react with it’s contents and BPA won’t leach into your food.  For an interesting article on BPA and cans, see here.

2.  No discoloration.  No elaboration needed on this one.

3.  Easy cleaning, especially in the dishwasher.  It gets nice and shiny without melting.

4.  It can go from the freezer or refrigerator straight to the oven or microwave.

5.  It’s pretty.  You can tie it up with ribbon, label it with dry erase markers, and store it on an open shelf.

6.  It’s easy to carry wherever you go.  It has a tight fitting lid and old peanut butter jars fit in your cup holder!

7.  It environmentally friendly.  It last longer than plastic and it doesn’t even need to be carried to and processed at a recycling center.  All you have to do is wash and use, over and over again.

8.  It’s free!  No purchase necessary!  Just use what you already buy.  Most of my lunch is carried in peanut butter and salsa jars.

Are you convinced?


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