Move Day 6

30 Minutes Movement:  15 minutes AM yoga.  It’s a busy day, so I knew my best bet was to get up early.  15 minutes is about all I can handle in the morning, but hey, now I’m already done with half my goal!  I’ll be back to report my success with completing 15 minutes more tonight, obviously!

8:45 PM (edited to add):  20 minutes yoga!  Bring it on 30 for 60 challenge.  🙂

Activity Factoid:  Adults should aim for at least 150 minutes moderate intensity physical activity per week.  If you are fit enough to do vigorous activity, you only need 75 minutes per week.  It’s a great incentive to work up to vigorous activity!  Work twice as hard, only half the time, but get the same benefits.  Perfect for those of us that are crunched for time.




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