Decadent Dinner


Sinful?  Definitely not.  It just looks that way.

I used this recipe for whole wheat waffles.  They’ve got a real kick of fiber!

I used these strawberries from the freezer.  They were super juicy!

While the waffles were cooking, about 4 cups of defrosted strawberries were mashed and heated until boiling.  I add about 1 tablespoon corn starch to thicken and 1 tablespoon sugar to sweeten just a tad.  They were slightly tart, but I like them that way.  You can always add more sugar if you prefer.


Served piping hot with a dollop of whipped cream makes for a divine dinner.  If I didn’t know any better I’d think I was treating myself to a real splurge!


What’s your favorite waffle topping?


30 minutes moving:  Neighborhood walk to enjoy the Christmas lights.

Activity Factoid:  There are two types of physical activity, baseline activity and health enhancing physical activity.  Baseline activity is any movement to preform activities of daily living.  Health enhancing physical activity is intentional movement, added to baseline activity to improve health.  Baseline activity is good for you, because the more you move the better.  However, you also have to make a conscious effort to add health enhancing movement to your life to reap the benefits of decreased disease risk and improved health.



4 Responses to “Decadent Dinner”

  1. Love the waffles, love the kitty, love the Christmas lights 🙂

  2. Those waffles look amazing!


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