Take time to watch the leaves turn


It was a beautiful fall day in Washington DC on Saturday.


A perfect occasion to enjoy some culture, fresh air and good food with friends!


Andy, Steph and Dan came to visit us from Pittsburgh.  We spent the day visiting the Holocaust Museum and various monuments.


It was my first time at the Holocaust Museum and I found it fascinating.  I had heard about the museum many times, and I prepared myself for the worst.  Mostly I couldn’t help but be in awe and shock learning such specific details of the tragic events.  Pictures were very tactfully displayed, and the most graphic images were behind walls that only adults could see over and only if they chose to look.  Virtually all parts of the museum were silent, not because the museum requires it, but because visitors choose to be.  It seems that’s the least we could do to show our respect.  As we walked out of the exhibit I almost breathed a sigh of relief.


Before making the rounds to the monuments surrounding the reflecting pool we stopped for lunch in the Ronald Regan Building food court.  I had a chicken and cheese crepe and caramel cream gelato.  I traveled around the world in a lunch!  I can’t pass up either of those foods when they are available because they were my favorites when I visited France and Italy.  They are never quite the same in the US, but they were still delicious.


Plus, I didn’t feel to bad about having a lunch time dessert because of all the walking we did!


It was so nice being out in the sunshine!


On the way home we stopped at the Dogfish Head Ale House in Gaithersburg Maryland.  It’s the second time I’ve been there and again it was great!  I had a cup of creamy and flavorful butternut squash soup and a hummus plate.  I also had their Punkin Ale and my absolute favorite Raison D’Etre.  Mmmmm!  I could have ordered half the beer and food menu, but I kept it to two from each. Winking smile


Thanks to our great friends for making the drive to see us!  Open-mouthed smile


Have a great thanksgiving week!



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