Rice and Beans, You Got McDonald’s Beat

If I rated my dinners on complexity and time this would be an SE meal, as in super easy.


5:00 PM  Start rice on the stove top on low

5:02 PM Go about doing housework (all the things I was supposed to do Monday night and prepping for more visitors this weekend!)

5:45 PM Open, rinse and dump a can of kidney beans into the pot

5:47 PM Add salsa, pinches of chipotle seasoning, chili powder, cumin and cinnamon

5:52 PM Snap ends of asparagus and steam in microwave for three minutes

5:55 PM Slice and sauté button mushrooms

5:57 PM Dump mushrooms into pot and stir everything together

5:58 PM Plate rice and beans and top with cheese, salsa and sour cream

5:59 PM Plate asparagus and drizzle with balsamic vinegar

6:00 PM Eat!


Only 15 minutes working time!  I don’t think it can get more convenient and I’m pretty sure it actually takes longer on average to go through the McDonald’s drive through window.

Highlight of the meal was this mango salsa.  Definitely gets better with age!

Only downfall of the meal is the case of the asparagus pees we will surely have later.  Sorry to over share, but really, why does something that tastes so good going in, have to smell so rancid going out?  I guess technically we could ask that question about all of our food.  Don’t answer that question. Winking smile


Do your dinners have McDonald’s beat in time or taste?  Guaranteed they do in quality and healthfulness, cause that’s not hard to do!



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