It’s Your Turn

My brain seriously never stops.  I’m always thinking of new crazy ideas for the blog, my my “future business,” our house and the yard.  Steve is probably really tired of me saying “Ooooo I have a great idea!”  But I tell him…you knew this is what you were getting yourself into!  Winking smile

So anyway, it’s your turn to hear my crazy ideas, for the blog of course.  Since you’re the reader I want to write what you want to read.  Now’s the time to share your thoughts!  Please don’t be shy.

Some ideas I’ve tossed around…

  • Sharing entire meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with calorie count
    • Categorized into groups that you could go to if you are tracking your calories
    • Ex: 500 calorie breakfast + 500 calorie lunch + 700 calorie dinner = 1700 calorie day
  • Continuing food of the month
    • Recipes, nutrient content, and other fun facts
  • Garden planning, picking seeds, planting, layout, etc.
  • Weekly menus with grocery lists
  • Or your suggestions!

Ready, Set, Go!


One Comment to “It’s Your Turn”

  1. I like the once-a-month cooking idea, but it seems overwhelming. I like your idea of weekly menus and grocery lists. Could you tailor it to once-a-week cooking?

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