Apple Extension

In every way.

Food of the month and for snacking.

They’re just so good they’re sticking around.

Tonight they’re dehydrating or as I prefer to say, “schnitzing.”  My mom-in-law gave me a dehydrator that was just sitting in storage.  I plan on making it work pretty hard now that it’s out.  Thanks Lori!

As always, ingredients were assembled.  I even assembled a little corner of black bean tortilla chips for me.  I didn’t want to eat all the goods.  Winking smile


Various things can be used to prevent browning apples, including sodium bisulfite and ascorbic acid.  I went for the real food item that I had on hand, lemon.  Most of the juice for the apples and a little for me.


Lemon juice with one part water and one part green tea makes a refreshing mocktail when you’re tired of drinking just plain old water.  Enjoy while you…


I soaked in the juice of one lemon and about 3 cups of water.  Don’t forget to drain.  Since the goal is to draw all the moisture out, no need to make your heat source work twice as hard.


My new to me dehydrator is apparently going to be hard at work for 6-12 hours.  This will test my patience.  I can’t wait for my old favorite snack!

Although I’ve never tried it, apparently you can also dry apples in the oven.  Your oven should be less than 200 degrees.  You should also leave the door open for air circulation.  Not ideal, but possible.  It’s also supposed to be faster!


Hopefully I’ll see you back tomorrow with good results.  Until then…


What’s testing your patience these days?

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