Still in the dark

You really notice how early it gets dark when you can’t flip on a light switch!

We continue to be living the “colonial life” and doing everything by candlelight.

All of our fridge and freezer contents are packed in snow filled coolers.


We are dressed in layers, drinking tea made with water boiled on the grill, and playing the only two person game we own, Othello. Well, actually we have Jenga too, but with all the candles I thought that might light the house on fire.


It’s currently 55 degrees and I have at least two layers of clothing on every part of my body. More on some parts.

I feel as though we are going through stages of grief in the loss of our electricity. We are oscillating between anger and acceptance. I’m in acceptance right now, but after the house continues to get colder on this 25 degree night, I think anger might come back!

In other news I went shopping today! Buying three pair of shoes will surely take your mind off a power outage!


I really needed new sneakers. The deck shoes were fifty percent off because I bought the sneaks, so I couldn’t pass those up. The boots…they were the splurge of the day! I’ve wanted knee high brown boots since middle school! Finally a really unique pair that were $90 off. Couldn’t pass them up!


Ok enough typing on my phone with my pointer for one night. I’m off to stay warm under my down comforter!

What’s the longest you have gone without power?


One Comment to “Still in the dark”

  1. You know, I kinda like it when there’s no power! More quality time!

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