Drink In the Memories

We have definitely been visiting our share of alcohol producing establishments in the past few weeks.  Less than a month ago we visited Albemarle Ciderworks, Sugarleaf Vineyards, and Blenheim Vineyards. On Monday Steve visited Williamsburg AleWerks.  Today we headed to the Williamsburg Winery.

edit 1

Perhaps Tom God explains it best, “Good wine is a necessity of life for me.”  We are officially stocked up on good wine….and beer…and cider.  Drinking it at home will be especially fun as we reminisce about our memories of the day we purchased it.  So much better than the beverages we just run to the store to get.

edit 3

Today’s memories were especially celebratory!  I finished my third and last day of the Adult Weight Management Certification class.  The only thing standing between me and the certification now is the post test, and I plan to have that done soon!

I learned quite a bit from the class and also got some good review.  By the time it was close to ending though, I just wanted to be done!  Today was a nice change of pace to be out of class early and enjoying Williamsburg.

edit 2

Although it was raining, the winery was quite picturesque.  It’s on a 300 acre nature preserve, so how could it not be?  What stood out most about our visit was the hospitality.  We were greeted with a warm hello from the staff and a kitty!  Sometimes I feel like they follow me!  This kitty was quite friendly and enjoyed me scratching behind her ears while we stood next to the “Please don’t feed or pet the cats” sign.  Oops!  She didn’t bite off my hand, so I think it’s OK. Winking smile

edit 4

The tour of the winery was so informative!  I learned about barrel types, aging, yeast, cork making, and even beer!  I don’t think I’ve been on a more informative winery tour.  As I learn more and more about the whole process, it really does make me appreciate wine more as I drink it.  I’m also becoming much more willing to pay more for a bottle.  So much work and time goes into it, it only makes sense that if it’s going to be deliciously smooth, its going to cost more.

edit 8

Of course my favorites were the two oldest and most expensive reserve wines that we got to taste, the chardonnay and merlot.  This time around we didn’t splurge to buy the expensive ones though.  The less expensive ones were especially good too so we went for quantity over quality without sacrificing much quality.  Score!

The smoked gouda we ate was delicious too.  Obviously I was the one asking for more details on the cheese!  I held back my desire to actually ask for more cheese; by far the biggest accomplishment of the day!

edit 6

Well I’m off to get packing for our journey home tomorrow!

Do you have expensive taste in wine…or other things?

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5 Comments to “Drink In the Memories”

  1. Thanks so much for the beers!! Also, in LOVE with your header!!

    • So nice to have finally met you after reading about your life daily!

      I’ll be sure to pass on your compliments to my friend and creator of my header. She will be thrilled.

      Also, loved both sandwiches, as expected! Made the drive that much better.

  2. I had the best cider the other day. Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider made in Oregon. I was happy to stumble across that and share some with my girl friends.

    Haha. on the cat sign and cat. Looks friendly to me. 😉

    Thank you for sharing the (beautiful) pics. I love to tour winery’s. Relaxing way to spend a day and have lunch.

  3. Love the argyle sweater! And if you like cider look for Crispin cider, too!

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