Lovin’ the Local

We did a blind taste test in our house tonight!  Nerds?  Most definitely, but I had a blast.

A few months ago I went to the store to buy milk.  I went to the fridge with the store brand, but there was none left!  I moved on to the only slightly more expensive milk from the local dairy, Rutter’s.  I love to support local, but it just didn’t occur to me to buy the local milk.  But this day I had to.


I brought it home and poured myself a glass.  Holy cow (no pun intended)!  This is delicious!  I was hooked.  Rutter’s milk it was from then on.

I’ve also noticed that it lasts longer.  Store brand milk smells rancid on the exact sell by date, if not a day before.  Rutter’s has been delicious up to and one or two days beyond the sell by date…as it should!  I’m in love.  Red heart


However, since then, I’ve been wanting to prove to myself that the local actually does taste better.  What better way than a blind taste test!?

I poured and labeled two glasses, recruited Steve’s help, and tied my blind fold.  He switched up the glasses and I started sipping.  I kept my blindfold on just in case I could see the difference.


The first sip I took I was already pretty sure it was store brand.  I sipped it a few times and then moved onto the second glass.  Now I was really sure this glass was Rutter’s.  It actually tasted more like milk.  It was thicker too.  And overall just more delicious.  Ding ding ding!  I win!  Right on.


Next up, Steve’s taste buds.  He won too!  It’s true, the local milk tastes better and lasts longer.  I’m so happy this turned out the way I had hoped!

Rock on local!

Are you local or bust?



2 Comments to “Lovin’ the Local”

  1. That’s awesome! I wouldn’t have ever thought of local milk either.

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