Apples! Apples! Apples!


Have I told you yet that they’re the food of the month?  I decided it yesterday morning when I was eating my Mutsu leftover from Charlottesville.  I recommended you go find them, so I figure I better do the same.  My stash was running low anyway!


I found Mutsu and a whole lot more at Paulus Orchard.  Steve thinks we brought home at least forty pounds of apples!  So get ready for some appley recipes!  I actually have the first one in the oven right now, but you’ll have to wait until later this week to see it!  It needs some perfecting.  Oh the suspense!

For now you’ll just get a sneak peak at the varieties I’ll be using for my concoctions.


According to my googling the following are the things you can expect from these apple varieties:

Gala: sweet and crisp; good for snacking and salads

Mutsu (Crispin): sweet, tangy, and juicy; good for snacking and salads, remains firm when baked

Johnagold: sweet, tart, and juicy; good for snacking and baking

Stayman: tart and tangy; good for sauce and baking

Golden Delicious: sweet, tangy, and crisp; good for snacking, salads, and sauce, remains firm when baking

Cameo: sweet, tart, and juicy; good for snacking and stores for a long time

Sun Crisp: sweet and juicy; good for snacking


I certainly have the snacking part down pat!  I enjoyed bites of every variety that I picked!  Perhaps they should have weighed me before and after picking! Open-mouthed smile


It was an absolutely beautiful weekend for strolling through the orchard and hopefully I got some good exercise in too.


My biceps certainly got a good workout from lifting the apple bags.  I was on a mission to squeeze as many apples in my bag as possible!  Because you know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!  That’s a good reason to love these babies!


How did you spend your weekend?  Have you gone apple picking?



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