Let’s Learn

Tonight I was learning.  So you get to learn too!

Dietetics is a fast growing and expanding field.  As a registered dietitian you are required to earn continuing education credits.  It’s not just for my registration and licensure that I earn these credits.  I have to stay competitive.  I have to market myself and the field of dietetics.  Most importantly, I have to provide up to date care and sound nutrition advice.

Based on my current career path, the most relevant education I can receive is in weight management.  I have recently started the path to a Certificate in Adult Weight Management.

So I read.  And read.  And read.  And did a worksheet.  Module one is just about complete.  Hopefully it will be entirely complete by the time you are reading this, considering writing this is my “break.”

Here are the top five interesting facts I (re-)learned tonight:

1.  When a baby is given exclusively breast milk for more than the first 3 months of life, the risk of obesity is significantly reduced at entrance to school and adolescence, compared to babies that are not breastfed for this entire time period.

2.  There is strong evidence that lifestyle changes (diet improvements, increased physical activity, behavior changes) decrease blood glucose, decrease blood pressure, decrease triglycerides, and increase good cholesterol.

3.  No matter what you tell a patient, if they aren’t ready to change, they are not going to change.  Motivation is key to success.

4.  Obesity has a social component.  It is thought that “friends make friends fat.”  Individuals that are around obese individuals can become more tolerant of obesity and may actually increase food intake and decrease physical activity.

5.  An individual can be genetically predisposed to obesity, but it is the environment and gene interaction that results in actually becoming obese.

Did any of these facts surprise you?


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