Too Many Tomatoes?

tomato 3

This is my never ending bowl of tomatoes.  When it’s getting empty, I just head out to the garden to pluck some more off the vine.  I don’t always want more, but you know me.  I won’t let them go to waste.  Especially not these plump heirloom black cherries; they are my pride and joy this summer. 

tomato 4

While these little guys have been a magnificent addition to many dishes on our table, there is one way to eat them that stands out.  ALONE.  Just pop them right in your mouth.  It’s as simple and as healthy as it gets. 

tomato 1

However, even good things get old.  After weeks of eating a bag of cherry tomatoes for lunch, they needed some pizzazz.  Cheese to the rescue.  I united two of my best on the go snacks:  cherry tomatoes and string cheese.

tomato 5

Pull off a string.  Wrap it.  Pop it in your mouth.  It’s a five second fine dining experience.  No toothpick is necessary, unless you’re planning to serve these as hors d’oeuvres at your next dinner party.  Don’t laugh.  I would totally do it, because I’m classy like that.  Anyway, the toothpicks are just to demonstrate my technique.  The wrapping is key to the snack, so don’t forget it.  It’s not a, take a bite of this and take a bite of that and then swish it around your mouth kind of snack.  It should all be in one satisfying bite.

tomato 2

Do you have any favorite one bite wonders?


3 Comments to “Too Many Tomatoes?”

  1. Oh my gosh! Those tomatoes! Perfection! We’ve FINALLY got some Siberia’s ripening up and the Grape’s are on their way…can’t wait. Have a great day and thanks for the ideas!

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