Garden Guardian

I was wondering why bugs were not devouring my tomatoes like last year.  I thought it was the new planting location.  Or maybe the year.  Or the new variety I planted.  All wrong.  It was the garden guardian.


He lives in a hole under the tomato forest.


The tomatoes drop onto the ground.  The bugs come to eat them.  Mr. Frog eats the bugs.  I love the ecosystem.  I feel so lucky to have a garden in a frog mecca.

And in case you were wondering, in addition to the tomatoes, the rest of the garden is doing quite well.


I just started picking the second round of string beans.


The chard is never ending; as I mentioned before.


And the peppers have a forest too.  They were jealous of the tomatoes.

Cucumbers and squash are done.  I just picked two of each and they were the last.  It’s a sad day.  I had hoped they would last longer, but I think the consistent 100 degree heat a few weeks ago was just too much.  The good news is that once those plants are all pulled and composted, I’ll have the space for the second planting of spinach and lettuce.  I can’t wait to have another period of no store bought salads!

How is your garden growing?


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