It’s That Time Again

I can’t believe it’s August 9th!  Where does the time go?!

We wouldn’t want to let the month fly by without a food of the month.  I’ve been waiting since the blog started to spotlight this food.

So without further ado…



It’s unbelievably nutritious, stunningly beautiful, and superbly tasty.  Basically it can do no wrong.

I’ve already made a host of dishes with this lovely leaf so I’ll use this time to compile them for your enjoyment.

Tonight’s use was so simple; toss it into an omelet.  And then of course make the omelet a sandwich.  If you know me outside of the blog word, you saw this coming.


Usually I’m a spinach girl when it comes to veggie omelets, but times have changed.  Spinach is long gone with the cooler weather.  However, chard is here to stay.


I was first introduced to chard when I joined a CSA last summer.  I was skeptical because I never thought of myself as a leafy green eater, unless it was in the form of salad.  So I sautéed it with onions and raisins or drizzled it with balsamic and that was the extent of my chard use.  I gave quite a bit of it away because I just didn’t think I wanted to eat the quantity I was being given, all summer long!


This summer I dutifully purchased my heirloom rainbow chard.  I planted a few crazy looking seeds and figured I would cook my same old chard recipes a few times over the summer and that would be that.  WRONG.

My chard came in quickly.  I cut it and it came back.  It started growing faster.  It got taller and leafier and more beautiful.  Obviously I had to eat it more often.  And so the summer of chard was born.

So let me learn this lesson for all of us.  Never count a veggie out.  You might be missing your new favorite!

*Stay tuned for nutrition facts and even more recipes coming your way!

Have you ever assumed you didn’t like a food and then later learned you were sooo wrong?


2 Comments to “It’s That Time Again”

  1. I used to think spinach was gross and now I know just how fantastic it can be when prepared properly.

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