Day 2 was a hot but lovely day in the quirky town of Savannah, GA.  Lots of walking and rehydrating in the heat and humidity.  However, the charm of the city made it all worth it.


A splurge on a latte Frappuccino from Starbucks kept me cool while I strolled through Forsyth Park.  It was delicious beyond words.  I used to drink them a couple times a week in college.  Had to cut back for obvious reasons since then.  But it makes them so much more tasty when I do splurge!  Yay for vacation.


While strolling around the historic downtown Steve and I took pictures of trees.  Did you know I’m obsessed with trees?  I have a whole folder devoted to just my tree pictures.  I always find a unique tree while I’m traveling and hopefully some day will get around to printing them and find a wall to devote to them in my home.  Someday being a key part of the sentence.  Winking smile


These pretty pink trees were everywhere.  They gave me pangs of wanting to live in a warmer climate where tropical things can exist.  Then I remember that I get whiney when I’m hot.  Ha!


Last stop of our touring day was Lady and Sons, Paula Deen’s restaurant.  Really I would have just gone for the corn cakes with maple syrup, on the bottom of my plate below.  I had shrimp and grits too, which was good, but probably would have been just as good if not better from other southern restaurants.  It was a rowdy good time though.  And our waiter was from the same county in PA as us!  NoteIt’s a small world after all…Note


Do you have a special thing you like to photograph when you travel?  Lamp posts, flowers, mailboxes…


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