August Goals

Did you notice I didn’t set any July goals?

I just wasn’t feeling it.  I felt very busy doing other things…

Canning.  Gardening.  Cleaning.  Packing! Vacationing.

Vacation recap to come. Smile

But for now it’s regrouping time.

Did you ever just feel a huge desire to get back on track?  You just know it’s time to kick it back in gear.  That was me yesterday.  Vacation was over and I wanted a routine.

So an exercise spreadsheet has been made and printed.  It runs in a two-week cycle and is seriously going to kick my butt!

In the two-week cycle I will:

  • Do abs 4 times (8 minutes)  √√
  • Cycle 3 times (1 hour) √√
  • Run 2 times (45 minutes) √
  • Lift 1 time
  • Do yoga 1 time√
  • Plus do active leisure, more yoga or additional lifting 2 times√√

I only have to repeat it twice.  Seems reasonable.  I’m gonna do it!

One cycle class down tonight and the endorphins are flowing!

Happy August!

What are your goals?


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