Whiskey Sour Slush

Go find a bucket and make this now.  Hurry, summer slush season is flying by!  Island with a palm tree

sour 1

  1. boil 9 cups of water
  2. steep 5 black tea bags
  3. stir in 1/2 cup sugar until it’s dissolved
  4. add a 12 ounce frozen lemonade concentrate
  5. add a 12 ounce frozen orange juice concentrate
  6. dump a fifth of a whiskey of your choice in
  7. Freeze! until solid (about 24 hours)
  8. it’s going to take patience, but you need to wait for it to be slushy
  9. congrats for waiting, now scrape enough slush off to fill a pretty glass almost to the top
  10. fill remainder of the glass with a lemon lime soda
  11. top with a cherry and some cherry juice
  12. Enjoy!  Preferably on a beach or under a palm tree!

What’s your favorite cocktail in the summer?


2 Comments to “Whiskey Sour Slush”

  1. Love this! My boyfriend’s favorite drink is whiskey sour. I will definitely have to make this for him.

  2. Whew, I am not a whiskey girl! Craft beer is my drink of choice, but I won’t turn down a good mojito!

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