Mini Trio


Mini jar-o-walnuts.  This once held craft supplies.  Mini paper flowers to be exact.  They were used to craft these bridal shower invitations.  The jar was just too cute to put in the recycling bin.  So now it’s being recycled to practice portion control of nuts!

Mini apricots.  Seriously I could eat ten at a time.  I was sad when these two were gone!

Mini muffins!  You’ve already heard how wonderful these were, so I’ll spare you.  However I will tell you they were a lovely addition to the mini breakfast.

What helps you control your portion sizes?


4 Responses to “Mini Trio”

  1. I try to measure things, before serving, and then distance myself from whatever it is, so I don’t keep eating it!

  2. Hooray cutie craft jars!

  3. Small plates! We use smaller (luncheon size?) plates instead of the humongous dinner plates that are the norm. I adore my little plates and I don’t even think about it. Occasionally someone might comment, but it’s been years since we switched to them and I forget they aren’t typical.


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