Drink Local

If you live in the pocket of Ohio to New Jersey and Virginia to Massachusetts, find Troeg’s brews.  The story of this brewery really is the American Dream.  It’s beer that not only tastes good, but it’s story will make you proud to drink it.


If you are lucky enough to take a tour, it’s likely that one of the brothers that started this business will still be showing you around.  There’s nothing better than hearing the story from the horse’s mouth.  Plus it’s fun to see them beam when they talk about their baby.

On Saturday I took the tour for a second time and brought my family along.  We had a couple of sample trays with Philly pretzels and beer brownies.  It was a jolly good time.  It may have gotten a little rowdy, but that’s just expected when you hang out with us!

John showed us around and I got the bug to home-brew.  Perhaps that adventure will be in my future, but for now I’ll enjoy local microbrews.

Sunshine Pils is my seasonal favorite these days!

What do you proudly eat or drink?


2 Comments to “Drink Local”

  1. METROPOLITAN KRANKSHAFT!!!! Newer Chicago brewery. You must get this on tap in Chicago. Bottles are some times hit or miss. It’s the most delicious kolsch that I’ve ever had.

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