It comes in many forms.


Strings, pods, leaves, stalks, florets…


And green steak!  We used some Yeehaw tenderloin for this meal.  We are probably the only people that use high quality steak to stir fry, but when you use meat as a garnish, you can use the good stuff!  It’s automatic portion control.  And it’s better for your health and the environment to eat a primarily plant based diet!  Go green!

This stir fry took about 15 minutes to make.  I washed and chopped my garden fresh green, plus some baby carrots and onion.  Steve pan fried the steak and then we tossed in the veg.  We finished it off with teriyaki, hoisin, and peanut butter.  Served on a bed of buckwheat soba.  So fast I didn’t even have time to set the table!


How are you going green?


3 Comments to “Green”

  1. I went green with my avocados tonight!! Glad you appreciate their greatness as much as I do 😉 That stir-fry looks absolutely delish!

  2. Kale chips accompanied my meat free dinner tonight. yum!

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