Let’s Reminisce.

One year ago I was painting the kitchen in our newly purchased home.  It’s orange now, and a much happier place.


Two years ago I was graduating from my dietetic internship from UVA Health System.  I can’t believe it’s been that long!

2009 UVA

Three years ago I was in my sisters wedding.  Congrats Karen and Lyle (one day late)!

Picture 225

Four years ago I went hiking, to look for a rock maze.  We never found it, but we did sing some good girl scout songs and eat a picnic lunch.


Five years ago I was on the MV Explorer headed to Asia.  In five more years I hope to be on this ship again, headed for more adventures.

63 hanging out on deck 7

I can’t believe the variety of things I’ve done in just the past five years!  It makes me so excited for the years to come.  It also makes me so proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Do you date pictures, journal, or keep old calendars?  Pick a week and look back on what you’ve done.  You might be amazed too!


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