Snip and Pluck


I sniped the first chard of the year.  I am a little excited.  I will warn you that this excitement will last the whole summer.  And if we’re being technical, today’s just the first day!  There’s many pretty colors out there, but this lovely green was the first ready.  I pan fried a potato, threw in the stems to sauté, then the leaves, and finally some chopped dates.  Simple perfection.


Next up, Yeehaw pork chops marinated in Goya and grilled.


The salty pork chops went perfectly with the sweet chard.


Now if the bugs would just leave me alone while I eat!


For dessert, freshly plucked blackberries.  Last year I found them growing in the back of our yard.  I didn’t take full advantage of them because they were guarded by prickly vines.  Today, I took charge!  Donned in my long pants and closed toe shoes, I invaded and was well rewarded.  I plucked and plucked until I had a bowl full of earthy and wild berries.  They were served with banana and honey Oikos.  Yum!


Hope you enjoyed the longest day of the year!

Did you enjoy a summer meal outside to celebrate?


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