Something to Chew on

It’s cool and rainy here in central PA.


Since lawn mowing and gardening plans were out, kitchen experimenting was in.  Enter recently purchased steel cut oats.  Warm oats with cool berries sounded very appetizing!


I’ve never made steel cut oats.  Bulk bags of oats from the Amish don’t exactly come with cooking instructions.  So I got my google on, just to get me started.


Cooking Steel Cut Oats

  • boil 3 cups water
  • stir in 1 cup oats and salt to taste
  • simmer for 10-15 minutes
  • add  a splash of milk for creaminess
  • add half a banana, sliced, for emulsification
  • simmer for 5-15 more minutes, stirring occasionally


Since it takes a little longer than rolled oats, use the extra time to prep your toppings.  I had cottage cheese, berries, and chia seeds.  I also tidied up around the kitchen while I waited.  Since it’s about the only productive thing I’ve done all evening, I’m glad these oats took a little longer!


Then dig in to some serious chew.  Steel cut oats definitely involve more chewing than rolled oats.  So fun to eat.  And my super ripe berries added the perfect burst of flavor in every bite.  I’m totally the person that will only eat one berry per bite to make sure they last to the bottom of the bowl!  I don’t want oat bites with no berries!!!


Do you ration your food while you eat it?


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