Chef Kim’s Salad

A hearty yet light meal was on the menu!  I just can’t get enough of my garden spinach, so these days I’m mixin’ and matchin’ the toppings to keep it interesting!


Tonight it was Yeehaw sirloin quickly seared with some chicken rub on it.  I know it’s not chicken, but I wanted a flavorful spice rub and that’s what was on hand.  Now I can tell you…it works just as well as anything made for steak.  While the steak rested I went to snip snip from the garden.  I always get distracted while I’m out there.  So of course I was weeding and poking at my plants.  This was very helpful in that it forced me to let the steak rest!  I’m often impatient and even though I know I’m going to lose my juices if I cut, I do it anyway.  When I’m hungry, I’m hungry!  Just ask my family!


Also on the top, green pepper, hard boiled egg, carrots, roasted beets (I’m addicted to these lately!), and pickles!  Do you like pickles on your salad?  At first I thought it was weird, but now I love it.  I’m all about layers of flavors and textures.  Pickles layer a tartness that’s a nice surprise when you hit one in the mix.  And they give enough flavor that I don’t even need dressing!


Do you think I’m crazy yet?  Sometimes my crazy comes out a little more than others.  I think it came out a lot in this post.  Chicken rub with pickles, egg, and steak…didn’t realize how odd it was until I wrote this!  The beets probably make it weird too.  But I digress!  Go try it!  Report back if I’m just crazy or crazy genius!


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