Good ‘Ole Standby

June goals are going well, thanks to this old favorite.


And it’s got homemade jam and a peanut butter twist to make it extra special.


Sometimes it’s so good I just can’t wait.

DSC_0007 1

The simple PB & J is working out so well for me.  I forgot how great it was.  Fast and easy to pack in the evenings, paired with a yogurt, fruit, and vegetable.  And it’s something I can eat on the run during my busy work days.  For some reason my days have been super hectic lately!  I don’t like to eat on the run, but if my only other option is to not eat at all, I’ll take the eating while I work!

As far as the waking up early goal; I’ve been successful so far.  I really enjoy the extra time!  The early morning daylight is certainly helping too.  Just gotta keep up the rhythm.

What’s on your perfect PB&J?


2 Comments to “Good ‘Ole Standby”

  1. Oooo I’ve never tried that kind of peanut butter in fear of blowing through the jar in 3 days. I haven’t had a pbj since my internship. It was always a good quick morning make for lunch!

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