Beer Passport

I don’t know about you, but words like that are music to my ears.  They are especially lovely on a warm summer night in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is my home away from home, thanks to spending four wonderful years of college there.  Many of my and Steve’s friends still call it home, so when they asked us to do the Beer Passport with them at PNC Park, they didn’t have to ask twice!

We took a half day off of work and crossed our fingers that the Pittsburgh traffic wouldn’t make us late!  We cut it close, but we made it on time to see tables stacked high with beer from these breweries…

  • Erie
  • Full Pint
  • Sam Adams
  • Oskar Blues
  • Bells

And we got to taste it all, while looking out on this beauty…


The tasting began with Bell’s from *Kalamazoo, MI.  For the life of me I can’t remember what I tasted here.  I guess it wasn’t that memorable.

*Side note:  This is the home town of  Derek Jeter <3.  Just thought you should know.


Then there was the Presque Isle Pilsner from Erie Brewing Co.  This was a nice light clean tasting beer.  And as I was walking away from this table I spotted the Railbender Ale that I knew I had to come back for.  It was a darker and sweeter beer that was even more up my alley.

Then I wondered over to Oskar Blues Brewery from Lyons, CO.  I heard they weren’t punching your card marking that you were reaching your limit.  Jackpot!  I got a Dale’s Pale Ale sample.  I don’t normally like pale ales because they are hoppy, but this wasn’t too strong in the hops.  It was good.


Next up, Sam Adams from Boston, MA.  In my mind Sam Adams didn’t really fit into the microbrew theme because they have some pretty main stream beers.  So I saved them for one of the last stops, in case I didn’t have time or punches on my card.  However, I forgot about the Blackberry Witbier and was glad I didn’t miss this table!  It’s berrylicious.  I went back for lots of these.  The nice boys working the tap took your punch card, but only every punched over the holes you  already had.  So ingenious of them!  It was the never ending berry parade…


Intermingled with my blackberry love, I also saved Full Pint Brewing Co, from the one and only Pittsburgh, PA for the end.  They brought their All In Amber which was excellent.  I enjoy a balance of malts and hops and this did it for me.  Not sure how many of these I had, but I know I enjoyed myself until the stadium staff shut the table down.


Good times were definitely had.


And I can’t forget to tell you about the food.  I never go to a baseball game without getting soft serve vanilla ice cream.  But that’s a given, so what you really need to know about is the pulled pork and pierogi pretzel sandwich.  This is not something for which I would care to discuss the health benefits.  But would like to discuss the deliciousness.  Tender pulled pork slathered with you own helping of BBQ sauce.  Soft sautéed pierogies; one of God’s gifts to the earth.  And if you’ve sadly never had a pierogie, go Google it and and try not to drool on your keyboard while you cry because you’ve never had one.  And I digress…all piled on a pretzel roll.  As you can see I had no hesitation to just dig right in.

My only complaint was that the pretzel roll was not quite as good as the one’s from my current residence in central PA.  It wasn’t soft, dense, and doughy enough for me and was actually more like a Kaiser roll shaped into a pretzel.  Perhaps central and western PA could swap recipes sometime.  Pierogies from the west and pretzel from the middle.  And then we could throw the south in that swap to kick the pulled pork up another notch.  Oh dear, now I’m drooling; just after telling you not to.


Well anyway, it was lip smacking good.


Beer, food, and friends.  What more could you ask for?!


Oh yeah…baseball.  For those of you that may care, the Pirates lost to the Mets, 8 –1.  We love you anyway, Buccos!


What’s your favorite type of beer?  Do you like dark stouts, hoppy IPA’s, amber ales or anything in between? 


One Comment to “Beer Passport”

  1. I am currently in love with kolsch!

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