It’s 99 degrees


We should talk about ice cubes.  Of the strawberry variety.


Just clean your strawberries, lay them out on a cookie sheet, and pop them in the freezer.


It doesn’t get much more refreshing.


Served with a heaping salad, fresh from the garden.  And this lettuce and spinach come with a classic Kim story.  First read this post.  I was trying to figure out WHY my spinach tasted sooo strong.  Well it turns out it wasn’t spinach.  I am so ashamed.  A dietitian that can’t identify a food, even after eating it.  Turns out it was a lettuce mix.  The mix part of it has just started to pop up proving it’s not the spinach.  That’s why it was such a strong flavor.  Oh bother.  Better garden labeling will ensue next year.


Also served with a cheddar and strawberry jam sandwich.



Are you surviving the heat?


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