Pick Your Own

Update on the growing progress…

garden boxes

Sugar snap peas creeping up.

snap peas_picnik

Zucchini, yellow squash, and cucs sprawling.


Broccoli that is flourishing!  Thanks Kully!


Pink Chard!  And we have some yellow too!  So nice to see more color than green.


Basil blossoming.  When I need a pick me up I just stick my head in this pot.  So refreshing!


Chives blowing in the breeze.


Lopsided Oregano.  Even though I put seeds in the entire pot, it only grew in 3/4.  Odd.  But I totally thought it wasn’t going to grow at all since the ones I started indoors completely flopped, literally and figuratively.  So I’m happy!


And now my mind is stirring with ideas to use my fresh produce and herbs.  I absolutely cannot wait for my peas for salads and snacking!

What’s your favorite vegetable picked straight from the garden?

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2 Comments to “Pick Your Own”

  1. Does your basil eveuntually get woody in the planter?

    • Last year was the first time I planted it, and it was in an even smaller pot. I don’t remember it getting woody. By the end of the season it was fizzling out, but that’s to be expected.

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