My first canning experience:  Strawberry Jam!  I don’t want to brag or anything, but it’s possibly the best jam I’ve ever had.  It was extremely easy to make and was just the beginning of my canning days.


I followed these directions.  They were a little wordy, but the pictures were helpful and being the first time I needed the extra details.  I also used the pectin box as a guide.  While I normally never follow a recipe to a tee, I did this time.  Canning is science and I didn’t want to mess it up!


Clean, cut, and mash away.  Be sure to enjoy the aroma during the mashing.


Go green and compost your caps.


You can stop mashing when you have six cups of strawberries.  NO MORE!  I so wanted to just keep going while I was motivated.  However, I have been warned that you cannot increase the size of a jam recipe or failure will result.  I didn’t want to fail on my first attempt.


Dump your pectin into a small bowl.  I used the less sugar added kind.  It cut my sugar from 7 cups to just 4 cups.  Woo!


Measure 4 cups of sugar into a larger bowl.


Mix just 1/4 cup from the premeasured sugar into the pectin.  Oh and get a lemon ready to juice.  This was on one recipe and not the other.  Since I had a lemon already in the house, it seemed like a good idea.  Can’t go wrong with more acid.


Heat your strawberries with the lemon juice and pectin/sugar mixture until it is a rolling boil.  The directions stated to boil for just one minute, but here is where the digression from the directions started.  Or was that with the lemon?  Wow I was so wrong when I told you I followed the directions to a tee.  Oops.  Regardless, the jam is still delicious.  I definitely let it boil for longer than a minute.  I obviously am easily distracted.


After the first boiling is complete, quickly stir in the remaining sugar.  Bring back to a boil and boil for one more minute.  Or more, haha!


The cooking is done.  Skim the foam off the top of the mixture.  Be sure to eat this on toast with a little butter.  It’s a sneak preview of the glory to come.


And now I’m realize yet another diversion from directions.  One set states to pour the jam immediately into your sanitized jars.  The other set states to allow it to sit for five minutes and then stir to help disperse the fruit.  Oops.  I let mine sit for about 15 minutes.  Bad timing with the dishwasher.  My jars were still being sanitized when the jam was done.


When the jars were ready I filled them up to about 1/4 to 1/8 an inch from the top.  I used a refrigerator magnet to transfer the lids from my simmering water to the jars.  Then came the rings.  And finally into the water they went for about 8 minutes.


Ta Da!  This is where you should all be proud of me!  Open-mouthed smile


Then it was time for a nap.


Have you canned anything?  Does it make you feel domestic like it does me?

PS –> How can strawberries not be the food of the month when they are so glorious!?


5 Responses to “Jamin’”

  1. Jam making requires an adorable apron and a bunch of cute jars. How could a girl not feel domestic? I love making jam. Peach jam is my favorite though. Mmmmm, I can hardly wait for peach season now!

    • Well it’s official, now I have to purchase an adorable apron. I’ve been meaning to for a while, so thanks for the reminder! I usually just wear old t-shirts while I cook and just wipe on them, but a girl should cook in style!

  2. Hmm. That looks delicious. Was it easy enough for someone like me?


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