May Recap and June Goals

I set two goals for the month of May.

I will drink 8 cups of water every day.

Success!  I met this goal for sure.  My water bottle went with me everywhere.  I realized I needed to make it easier for myself to drink water, so I continuously refilled my bottle for easy access.  This was not a difficult goal, but was a goal I needed to put some thought into.  Once I identified my problem it was easy to fix it!  Hopefully I can keep it up!

I will do yoga three times each week.

Fail!  Big fail!  It’s OK though, it’s not the first time and won’t be the last.  I did not make this a priority.  I didn’t schedule the days or times I would make it happen.  And honestly in the last two weeks of the month I completely forgot it was even a goal.  I don’t know what to say but, oh well!  I now know that this was not feasible for me.  My priorities in the evening were in my garden and that is where I spent my free time.  Certainly still time well spent.  I’m excited to give you an update on that next week!  My priorities in the morning were in my snuggly bed.  I continue to struggle to get up even on time, so getting up early to do yoga just doesn’t work for me.  However, this leads me to a good thought for a June goal!

Although some of you may think my yoga three times a week is easy peasy, I actually need more baby steps.  Yoga is not going to happen in the evenings during the summer, so I’ve got to make it happen in the morning!  First step to making that happen is just being able to get myself out of bed.  Now going to bed is not my problem.  Sleep is important to me and I get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep on most nights.  I go to bed around 10:30 or 11 PM and I get up around 6:30 AM.  Getting out of bed at 6:30 AM gives me 35 minutes to feed the cats, get ready, get breakfast, pack lunch, and get out the door.  Now that I’m typing this I’m realizing that this is really a pretty big accomplishment every morning, especially on the mornings I get up even just 5 minutes later.  So this brings me to my two new goals!

 I will get out of bed an additional five minutes earlier each week in June.

  • June 6-10:  6:25 AM
  • June 13-17:  6:20 AM
  • June 20-24:  6:15 AM
  • June 27-July 1:  6:10 AM

This will set me up for future exercising success.  Hopefully by July I can get up at 6:10 AM to do my 15 minute yoga video.  I’m excited.  I think this plan is really going to work!

I will pack my lunch every evening (instead of the morning)!

I used to do this faithfully, but at some point I slipped.  I need to get back into it again to streamline my morning.  Oh the thought of more time and less rushing in the morning seems so lovely.  I just need to remind myself of that thought when I need my feet to hit the ground running at 6:10 AM.  The lunch goal shouldn’t be hard though.  I just needed to consciously make the decision to get back to it!

So here we go!  Bring it on June!


Do you have goals this month?


2 Responses to “May Recap and June Goals”

  1. I always try to set up my lunch to be a quick grab the night before and I always have yoga as a goal! It gets a little better as time goes on, but still not enough!


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