Herbs and Peanuts

I don’t like to waste, but I haven’t been using my garlic chives.  If I didn’t find a use for them soon they would wilt and fall to the sides while new growth pushed through.  I’d rather cut and use them!


Unfortunately my cooking has been severely lacking recently.  It’s the last thing I want to do in this heat we’ve been having!


Taste of Home to the rescue!


Select the chives.


Snip them up into tiny pieces.


Assemble ingredients…chives, unsalted butter, and salt.


Mix salt and chives.


Muddle to get the juices flowing.


Melt butter.


Mix it all up!


Refrigerate and viola, herb butter!


In an ideal world I would have let the butter come to room temperature and whipped it with the herbs.  It would have been light and fluffy and lovely.  But in case you didn’t know I don’t live in an ideal world.  Do you?  I’m impatient, so I melted the butter entirely and mixed it right in.  Worked just fine for me.  I used it on toast tonight and it was great when all the flavor melted into my toast.  Perfection!

Are you growing herbs this summer?  What are your favorites?


2 Responses to “Herbs and Peanuts”

  1. This gets me thinking about the herb butter that we can make with our garden. Basil butter? Sage butter? Rosemarry butter?


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