First From the Garden

Spinach!  Extra strong and flavorful spinach!

I may have let it grow for too long.  I was picturing wide leaves like I get for the grocery store, so I waited for them.  Well they never came.  So much for baby spinach.  Still delightful, just a strong flavor.  Lesson learned.  Not the first gardening lesson and certainly won’t be the last.


I decided to serve it atop nachos, one of my all time favorite meals.


Layers of:

  • browned Yeehaw beef
  • sautéed onion and pepper
  • whole grain tortilla chips
  • tomatoes
  • cheese


Before the melting…


Melty goodness after…


Topped with vanilla yogurt.  We didn’t have salsa or sour cream.  I’ve been very unprepared for meals lately.  I really needed something creamy to tie everything together.  Surprisingly it worked.  It added a nice sweet creaminess.



Any tips on growing spinach?


5 Responses to “First From the Garden”

  1. Your photos are luscious. Spinach likes cool weather, and the leaves are best when they are tiny. Rich soil helps too. Here in the South (we’re in zone 7A) spinach will overwinter — it just has to be covered with mulch. In early spring, pull the mulch back, and you’ll have spinach before asparagus, even.

  2. I need to add spinach to the garden-good idea!


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