Snack Throwback

Stauffer’s Chocolate Animal Crackers!

A childhood and college favorite.  Every bite takes me back to good times.  Such a great way to satisfy my chocolate and crunch craving.


And they are even better when there’s peanut butter for dipping.


And if you want to switch it up a little, get regular animal crackers and dip them in Nutella.  OoOoOo…you can’t go wrong with Nutella. Red heart

What’s your favorite childhood snack or dorm room treat?


3 Comments to “Snack Throwback”

  1. I’ve never heard of chocolate animal crackers! We would make caramel popcorn every night of freshman year-which contributed to my freshman 10!

  2. Oh man, chocolate animal crackers. I need some of those things back in my life. They bring back some good memories as well… 🙂

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