The Good Wife

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I really do try to be a good wife.  I’m fairly new to it, so maybe that makes me what to try even harder.  Whatever the reason, tonight was a night of wifely efforts.

My poor Steve must have been so worn out from his business trip to Disney World that he got a cold.  Surprisingly it’s a pretty significant cold.  Congestion, coughing, achiness, and general crappiness.  Then to top it off he’s covered in poison ivy.  I thought he learned his lesson last spring after being covered in it; I certainly did!  I guess NOT!

So I got an email at work with the subject line:  TV and Chicken Soup.  That was his request for the evening.  So I delivered.

He laid on the couch while I chopped.  Carrots.  Onion.  Garlic.


Sautéed them all and let them sweat.  Boiled some Yeehaw chicken breasts and chopped them.  Pulled some broth from the freezer and added that.  Spices included dill (my favorite!), basil, parsley, salt, and pepper.  Everything simmered while I tended to the garden.  Added some whole wheat noodles to cook at the end.


Served with some toast for dipping.


It wasn’t exactly a day you would pin as good for soup (it was 86 degrees), but it was good.  And it did the trick for the patient.

Do you turn to chicken noodle soup when you are sick?  Or do you go for a different food?

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One Comment to “The Good Wife”

  1. Chicken Soup is one of our favorite comfort foods for sickies. Well, technically, turkey noodle is our favorite, but we settle for chicken 10 or so months of the year. I enjoyed your wheat berry post as well. I had heard that you could eat wheat berries, but I really didn’t know how to go about it. I have always just tossed them into my grinder for baking. Thanks for the info! I’ll be back.

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