I turned these raw apples, carrots, and red potatoes into…


these toasty guys.


Sliced thinly, coated in olive oil and then baked 30 minutes on each side at 325 degrees.  Easy-peasy.  Well somewhat.

Although they take an hour to make, it is mostly unsupervised time.  Mostly is a key word.  The apples were a bit trickier than the carrot and potato because of their higher sugar content.  If they are sliced too thin they might look like these guys on the left.  However, if they are done right, they look like the delight on the right.  As they cool they continue to shrivel and get more chew.  If you’ve ever had good ole’ Pennsylvania Dutch apple schnitz, these are comparable.

do not do this

Of course the potatoes were good.  Hello potato chips.  I’m still on the fence about the carrots.  It made them really sweet!  I was looking for something a bit more savory because my apples were the sweet part.  Next time I’d probably try a different vegetable.


All were served alongside a salad with walnuts and dressed with olive oil, honey, and salt.


Have you made chips out of anything other than potatoes?

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