Dinner for one?

I’ll just make 5 quarts of soup!


I don’t know how to cook for one.  It just seems impractical.  I always need lunch for tomorrow, dinner for Friday, and an easy meal for 10 Tuesdays from now.  So I always make a big pot.

I’ll be cooking for one all week long, because Steve is at a professional conference…in Disney World.   I’m sure he’s working very hard.  Smile with tongue out

Tonight’s Dinner:  Sweet Potato Shrimp Soup

Adapted from Soup and Ladle Favorites:  100 Recipes from Pennsylvania Dietitians

Or at least that’s what it started as.  But it evolved, as my cooking almost always does.  A little of this and a little of that and I don’t even know what to call the dish by the end of it.  So I’ll just stick with the original name.


The original ingredients:

  • onion
  • celery
  • red pepper
  • garlic
  • sweet potatoes
  • frozen corn
  • broth (I used chicken from the freezer)
  • crushed tomatoes
  • thyme
  • cloves
  • shrimp
  • and a few more ingredients I didn’t have on hand, so I omitted them


Then I felt like it was too “soupy.”  Weird I know, because it’s soup.  But I like my soup thick.  So I broke up some whole wheat spaghetti noodles I had on hand.  Into the pot they went.

Then I was going to make a side salad, but then the internal conflict broke out.  I thought, why make a salad just for me?  But I deserve a healthy meal which would include more vegetables!  But I don’t want to do all the chopping!  I’m tired of standing!  Come on Kim, you know better than to not have more veggies!  COMPROMISE.  Spinach in the bowl as a start to the salad…into the pot it went!


Still a bit too “brothy.”  Whole wheat crackers to the rescue.  Into my bowl they went.


Finally a delicious well rounded meal, perfect for a rainy night.  Bon appetit!


Do you cook for one?  Or do you cook for a crowd? (whether one exists to feed or not!)


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