You will come to learn this is a typical summer night in the Slack household…

We start off with a nice refreshing salad.


Then we move onto something a little meatier.


And then we rest.


Such a lovely evening.

Oh wait!  That’s how it goes for the furry children.  It’s a little bit different for me (but not much).

I also started with a salad.  With a side of hydration and relaxation.


These days I’m loving putting cereal on my salads.  It adds the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch.

Steve grilled up my standard summer burger.


Stack it up!


It was utterly delicious, except for the bun!  It was just a plain white bun.  I would much prefer a hearty whole grain bread of any variety.  However, this is what we wanted to use up before it grew mold.  It was hanging around from having guests.

And now I must bid you goodnight!  Breaking Dawn is calling my name.  I started it just four days ago and I’m almost finished.  I just can’t put it down!

Do you buy special food when you have guests or are they expected to eat the same way you do? 

I’m always torn about this, but I usually end up wanting to please everyone, especially if I don’t see them too often!


2 Comments to “Typical”

  1. I don’t have guests that much but when I do I try to buy what I know will taste good no matter what… whether that be the healthiest option or not! Not sure if that’s the best way to be but I don’t want people to think my food is gross! Haha.

  2. Agreed! I’m especially still nervous cooking for in laws!

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